White Dior Gaucho owners --- question

  1. Hi... today i wore my white dior gaucho... which i bought almost a year ago. It looked darker than when i first bought it. I know that the white gaucho is supposed to look "dirty" - LOL, but does it get darker as time goes on? I would love to hear your input :flowers:
  2. Hi D&G Rockstar!

    I have two off-white Gauchos (a medium and a double) and one is half a year older than the other, and so far they don't differ from each other in terms of darkness (one is actually brand new). But I expect that if I still have them a year later (and use them regularly), they will be a bit darker than now because the white tends to absorb fabric colors and after many uses the bag would've come in contact with many more fabrics.
  3. Oh OK!!!! I love the offwhite gauchos because they're not really white and not really cream... I'm very careful w/ what i use it with, although the gaucho is very durable. Thanks. :heart: :heart: