White Diamond Stitch Tote OR Cotton Club Silver Med Tote/Pochette?


Diamond Stitch or Cotton Club

  1. Silver Cotton Club Tote/Pochette

  2. White Diamond Stitch...

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  1. Which one will you pick? & Why...Please help me out!
  2. Personally, I like the diamond stitch, but both are great bags!
  3. Thats a hard decision. I'd probably pick the silver cotton club pochette. I love the color.
  4. I would DEFINITELY pick the cotton club. I have the cotton club (in bronze/khaki color) and had the white diamond stitch bag. I really tried to like the diamond stitch bag because I loved the metal CC on it. But I never liked the white color on the bag. It's very dull and not bright white. So I ended up selling it. I absolutely LOVE my cotton club tote......
  5. I think that both of them are lovely, but totally different bags.

    Are you planning to wear it all year round? Then maybe the silver CC would be a better choice because of the color.