White Diamond Stitch pics...

  1. A few pf-ers wanted to see a pic of my white small/medium diamond stitch. I am in my pj's, but here she is. It retails for $1625. As you see, its not actually small, and it fits everything I carry: large cambon wallet, cosmetics pouch filled, keys, 2 checkbooks, razor cell phone, and there is still extra room.
    whiteds.jpg whiteds2.jpg whiteds5.jpg whiteds6.jpg
  2. Love it!~ It looks so fabulous on you too!
  3. you look great even in pjs. stunning in white and i think the size is great...thanks for the pics!
  4. LOVE this bag...congrats.looks fab on you too!
  5. I love this bag. Do you find it heavy?
  6. Its so beautiful!! :love: Can i borrow please??? hehe :nuts:
  7. I really want to buy this bag in white. My only concern is the fact that it's white. Has your bag gotten really dirty? Can anyone else tell me how easy/difficult it is to keep the white DS bag clean? Thanks in advance.
  8. Breathtaking.....
  9. pretty pretty pretty! I love mine in black.
  10. Wow. The white looks great. I have a black diamond stictch flap in black.
  11. Beautiful bag and it looks awesome on you! I didn't realize how roomy they are.
  12. wow! that's a pretty bag! it looks great on you!
  13. Thanks for the pics, I am getting one for sure. :love:
  14. thanks for sharing! it looks great on you!
  15. Gorgeous! I really need to get myself together and get a DS tote... SOON!