White diamond stitch anywhere?

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  1. I just got the smaller black diamond stitch tote and now want the white as well. I prefer the large tote in white, but I would definately settle for the small one too. Please let me know if you've seen one? I saw about a week ago that someone in beverly hills saw some, but they are gone now.....
  2. hey kittens, call any NM, they are getting the smaller version in White for s/s. I think Saks and Chanel is also getting white. Good luck! Let me know if u find the large.
  3. I saw them at the Chanel boutiques (South Coast Plaza - Costa Mesa, CA & The Bellagio - Las Vegas, NV) in small. I saw it tonight at SCP.
  4. Thanks, I will try them in the morning. Was the white a real white, like last season or more off white?
  5. It was real white, like last season. I saw them tonight at South Coast Plaza. They might have them in large too. They just got all the DS's in yesterday. They had a large black on display, so they could possibly have white's in the back. They had a small white on display though, so they definitely have those. Good luck!
  6. The sales associate at the South Coast Plaza wasn't very informed. She didn't know which bag I was talking about then told me they had no white diamond stitches in large or small in the company. So I called Bellagio Las Vegas store and they had a couple of small white DS totes and I got one!! I'm very excited, thanks for the info!:yahoo:
  7. What the heck, I saw the white DS last night! :wtf: I'm glad the Bellagio was able to reconize what bags they have and sell you one!