White Diagonal Flap and some shoes *pics*

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Slides are $475 and come in White, Black and Dark Green.

    Ribbon Flats are $575. Saw them IRL but passed. Still cute though with the right outfit.

    Flap front shoulder bag $2595 comes in white or black.
  2. Thanks for the pics maxter, those slides are cute. And that bag is TDF, which I almost did when I saw the price...LOL.
  3. Awesome! Thanx for the pix!!!!
  4. thanks for posting the pics. the wedges are soo cute!
  5. You are reading my mind maxter!! I made an impulse buy today at Saks--those white wedges! I had absolutely no intention of buying them when I went in, but I ended up walking out with them.
  6. Yeah - what's up with the price of this ligne? My python flap was $2995 and that python for goodness sake. What's with the leather on these diagonal bags - did they come from sacred cows?
  7. Maxter--I am feeling kind of a kindred to you with the python, outdoor ligne and now the white shoes : ) You are well beyond me, though! Just wondering, what bag do you plan on wearing with these shoes?? I was planning on doing my navy patent jumbo flap quite a lot for spring/summer, but would these shoes just be too much patent?
  8. Ooh I love the bag. The shoes are super cute! is it me or is the white so much cuter then the black shoe?

    Ooh that bag.......:heart: Oooh that price:yucky:

    Hehe....by the time I save up for it, the fall ligne will be out and I'll want something differet.:p
  9. I don't know if anyone can even tell that these white ones are patent. You can get away with it.

    Here's my first choice for bag:
    2nd (tod's), 3rd (gucci), 4th (etro) and 5th (fendi) choice. I have a lot of fabric bags that I use in the summer. I'm usually at the pool with my kids.
  10. The white diagonal flap is TDF!
  11. I believe the Diagonal flap is $1595? As posted by a couple of TPFers here before. And xochrissie did send couple of pics and one of them is this Diagonal CC flap. And there is the lovely paris blue colour too!!!
    ChanelDiagnoalCCSmallFlap1595.jpg Diagonal CC Flap.jpg Diagonal CC Flap 1595.jpg
  12. I love that blue diagonal flap bag. So hot for Spring.
  13. This one is listed in the catalog Neiman Marcus By Design Page 23 Shoulder Bag $2595 (item #23 A)
  14. Thanks for sharing! i love the ribbon flats.
  15. Thanks for posting! I have been wondering about those wedges!
    Are they comfortable?