White DAY???

  1. Okay... I love this style and CANNOT wait for new colors to come out in the spring. I wanted to know how hard white is to take care of.... I AM IN LOVE but I don't want to have to worry about carrying a bag b/c of dirt...
  2. I want one too but I can't find a white one for sale anywhere?!?!
  3. i don't have any b-bags in white but i'm tempted to get a city white soon :P
  4. well day bags are sorta made to be used during the day and thrown around, so I honestly can't imagine using a white day bag without feeling ultra-paranoid.
  5. Moe -
    Nordies in Arden Fair has a White Day. I was told by the SA that the leather on that is supposed to be really nice. :love:
  6. i love the day style~not sure about the white color though, is it hard to keep clean????
  7. I m sure stains will show up very easily. Its gonna be very hard to maintain so... Proceed with caution!
  8. White is a difficult color to clean in almost any bag. I think it has to do with how much wear and tear you plan on doing with a white bag.
  9. Thank you! I will call them now !!
  10. I just ordered a white city and plan to pretreat handles with handles only from lovinmybag and the body with the pretreatment cream. Fingers crossed that it will wear well! I just can't resist the white anymore!
  11. Go for it, I've been wearing my white city all summer untreated and it still looks good.
  12. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Macp6!:flowers: You can be my guinea pig. lol! I've wanted a white First ever since I saw Chauss's pics! I'm just too worried about yellowing and dirt. :P
  13. i have the day in white. so good so far but then again, i don't use it much. when i first got it, i sprayed it with AG and the leather discolored a little (lost that bright white color). so be careful with spraying any white bags with AG.
  14. What is AG spray? I've seen it mentioned a here a few times.
    Also is there something better to protect handles?

  15. AG= apple garde. it is a rain & stain repellent spray for leather products. i have only really used AG on my white day bag but it is a shoulder bag so the handles still looks good.

    the handles darken due to the oils from your hands. usually, i would use my arm to carry my other lighter colored b-bags.

    maybe the other ladies can answer your question.:flowers: