White Cruiser-awesome seller-799

  1. LVLady99 is a kick ass seller!! I want that marron weekender she's selling...
  2. Is this an XL courier?
  3. that seller is *great*... :yahoo:
    i bought 2 LV bags from her & just yesterday i bought my very 1st b-bag from her, a sky blue hobo :love:.
    she is SOOOO nice too!!
  4. Did you notice it doesn't have the buckles in the bottom corners? I'd never really realized that before, I just kept thinking the buckles must be hidden by the way the bag was sitting or whatever - but they really aren't there. Huh.
  5. ^ I know, I am SO amazed I never realized that before today -- seriously, here I am absolutely loving the courier (and I've seen it in person too!) and I realize it is lacking one of my favorite parts of the bbag moto! THE BUCKLES!!!!!
  6. OMG, you've gotta get it!!! :tender:
  7. I agree.. that marron weekender is divine Esiders...... seriously..... if you get it, you are just going to be so amazed at the '04 leather! I have been trying so hard to refrain from getting it! ah!
  8. say, mimz, is the "cruiser" & the "courier" the same thing or is the cruiser bigger (?) :shrugs:
  9. ^ I don't know? I think there is a courier and a xl courier, right? I'm not sure which size this is. Sorry, I'm not that familiar with the newer styles :shame: