White/Cream Leather Care

  1. anyone?
  2. So, I guess I am the party pooper who had a bad experience with a white caviar jumbo flap. It was such a proud moment when I got it (on my birthday, in New York) and I treated it so well. Unfortunately only two weeks later, my husband commented that the back of my back was "dark and smudgy" and he was right!!! Apparently, my black clothing had rubbed off onto my gorgeous bag!! I tried everything to get it clean but apparently, the color can rub onto the bag and sort of burn into the leather. That's what the SA at Neiman Marcus told me. So, sadly that was the end of my gorgeous white jumbo flap. The good news is that the Chanel store where I bought it was very accommodating and let me return it since they had told me that there would be no color transfer when I bought it. I still miss that bag. Just bought it in black with gold HW, which is fabulous, but that white bag was just so dreamy. So, better luck to the rest of you!!!!
  3. LucieLovesCoco: I can understand the pain :sad: Usually light coloured bags are more prone to color transfer, which i think it happen to your lovely white caviar jumbo. You can pre-treat white caviar against future stains and possible color transfer. If anything happens, you can too send your bag back to Chanel Store for refurbishment (though my quite surprised they can't do anything about it anymore as I heard that it can still be redyed back to original color)
  4. my bag white jumbo caviar has some discoloration in the back. i tried to clean it with baby wipes, soft wet clothe with a little bit of baby soap, and cotton with alcohol and it's still there.

    i read the reviews before i bought it because everyone says how it's soooo easy to maintain.

    i think my dark denims stained them.

    what can i do???? should i just bring it back to chanel for them to clean it? i just got it last december
  5. How do you guys keep your white Chanel's from getting dirty and discolouring with age?? Im 99% positive I will get my first white Chanel this week but dont really want to spend the money and have it turn a horrible yellowish colour!! Please help!! TIA x
  6. I just got a white cerf tote. I don't worry so much about the caviar leather. I will use it for the season and if it gets dirty and I can't clean it myself I will just have it done professionally.
  7. i have a white GST that has been sitting in the cupboard for over a year as I am terrified of dirtying it.

    It seems the consensus on this thread is to pretreat the bag with AppleCare. However, the SA I purchased it from warned me specifically not to use an treatment products on the bag as the leather is already pretreated. She also warned me that there will be color transfer from jeans which cannot be removed. They are also unable to redye the color for me.

    This is my one and only Chanel baby and so I really want to take good care of it. (sometimes i wonder WHY i bought the white...) Will the ladies who have white bag/bags please just reassure me that i am NOT killing the bag by using AppleCare?

  8. I have the evening star flap which is patent white but the straps are just leather (not patent leather). One day I noticed black marks all over the straps! I was recommended "Meltonian all-purpose cleaner and conditioner". This took out the black marks and now the leather is clean again! I am very happy with the results!
  9. ladies, is it safe to use non-scented alcohol-free moisturizing baby wipes on beige caviar leather? or can these baby wipes dry out the leather? will it harm it in any way???

    thanks so much! i'm so paranoid, i just want to be prepared before i take my baby out to dinner! just in case anything happens i'm bringing the most expensive wipes on the market hehhehe.
  10. ^ey pixie! so far, so good w/ mine! seriously, they're lifesavers! :biggrin:
  11. thanks purse-nality! i'm just so paranoid it might dull the sheen on the brand new leather? have you tried it personally? :smile: super thanks for the quick reply!!!
  12. ^no prob! yep yep... every time i take out my clair caviar. but i only use them on affected areas. just be gentle, you'll be fine!
  13. okay thanks so much! :smile:
  14. I use applegarde cleaner/conditioner on my white caviar and it worked just fine.
  15. Surprisingly, the white caviar is pretty low maintenance. I use baby wipes to clean the bag after several usage and that's basically it. I've had it for 3 years and it's still look as new. But again, I do baby it quite a bit. I never set it down on the ground, it's always on my lap. If I put in on a chair or a table, I would wipe it down with my hand.