White/Cream Leather Care

  1. My white caviar jumbo is coming now~~~
    So I hope you guys give me some tips how to take care of white caviar~~
    I searched postings and found out that Applegarde Leather Care is good to use.
    Do you suggest to use leather protector before use?
    Or will it be better to use it without any conditioning?
    Just in case I get any stain on the bag, which Applegarde Leather Care do I need to buy and how do I use the item?
    I'm just toooooo excited to finally have white bag!!!
    Never ever had white chanel, so I want to know all the tips to maintain my bag in super goooooood condition~~
    Help me guys~~:yahoo:
  2. Its pretty low maintenance. Its such a bright white that it stays new looking longer. If you get any kind of color transfer (usually on the back), just use applegarde conditioner and a soft cloth and it comes right out. That's pretty much it.
  3. ok~ I'll just buy the conditioner then~~
    Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
  4. I just want to ask the opinions of white caviar owners. Is it easy to maintain? Does it turn yellowish after years? How do u guys clean it? Thanks!!!!
  5. I've only had mine for about 2 months or so, so I can't say whether it will turn yellow. I can say though, that if it does you can always send it back to Chanel to have them re-dye it for a nominal fee (although it will be gone for 6-10 weeks).

    I use Apple Garde products from leatherstuff.com to clean, condition, and protect my white caviar flap. I sprayed it with the water/stain repellent and when it gets dirt on it I use the leather cleaner followed by the leather conditioner. Their stuff is AWESOME.

    White is truly a stand out bag, particularly if you're like me and tend to always wear dark clothes.

    You do have to be wary of color transfer. Some dyes on fabrics like denim may rub off onto the white leather. I have yet to experience this problem, and have worn my white jumbo with denim jeans, jackets, dyed fabric, etc with no problem whatsoever. :yes:
  6. Thanks for the info! :yes: I really like white but then I am afraid of color transfer because I always wear jeans. So, do u think white is a good choice? And it just depends on how we take care of it, right? ;) Thank u!
  7. I bought a White Jumbo Caviar at the beginnning of Summer '07 and carried it pretty much every day with bright colors and pastels (Pucci/Kors/RL). It's still a VERY bright white and I've never had ANY color transfer. I don't like Caviar but for white bags Caviar is the only way to go for me. If it got a little ditrty I just used some saddle soap leather cleaner and wiped it off (its sold where they sell shoe polish).
  8. Sounds like its really easy to maintain then. Thanks! :yes:
  9. My SA told me if there are any smudges (not oil based), a clean eraser would also do the trick :shrugs:
  10. Other people always talk about color transfer, especially with denim, but I've never had that problem. It still helps to be careful, but I don't think it's as common as people make it out to be.
  11. Hey, for those of you who own a white caviar bag, does it remain clean looking? Would it last a long time like a black caviar purse?
  12. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new white caviar accordion flap. I know it will get dirty, but I was assured by the Sales Associate that Chanel does offer cleaning of their bags -- both outside and inside -- for a nominal fee. That sealed the deal for me! I was advised against cleaning attempts on my own.
  13. Well simply put, no, it isn't going to be as easy to maintain as black, however, caviar leather is pretty durable. As far as white leathers go, this is the one to get IMHO... It will still show dirt more easily than darker colors but this will be true regardless of the white bag. So long as you take care of it, it will last a long time.
  14. The white caviar holds up well... just as long as you aren't rolling around in dirt or anything ;) -But in general, it IS white, and this IS a handbag -so you definitely can't be as leisurely with it as you would a black bag... as long as you are careful and get it cleaned every now and then, you should be fine. -Also, a SA told me that she has re-dyed her bag a couple times to maintain the crisp white-ness of the bag. I would probably consider doing that a ways down the line.
  15. as long as you take care of it ... it will be fine. Keep it away from other bags/dust/etc. ... store it in the canvas bag ... use it on days the weather won't be a factor ... i have had mine for 2 years now and it still is in mint condition ...