White/Cream color bags

  1. Do you carry your white/cream color bags during the fall and winter time? Just bought a new cream color Gucci. Not sure if I should wait until spring to start carrying it.
  2. I just got a cream with tan trim Gryson Skye that I've been carrying now--in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (people were not meant to live here!). In the past, I would've kept it for spring/summer but I turned 50 this year and have decided to do what I want--not what others think is right. I think it's just fine.:tup:
  3. I definitely do.....go for it! I've been carrying my Ivory MJ Quilted Blake all season and it looks great :smile:
  4. I don't see anything wrong with carrying white/cream bags in winter. Whatever looks good with your outfit is all that matters to me.
  5. Pfft, Minnesota! You guys have it easy down there. :nogood:

    Actually, I think the notion of "no white after labour day" is really antiquated. White looks so good in the winter time! Heck, creams and white are neutrals, they look good all the time.
  6. I agree, wear what looks good. I have a cream colored bag and I wear it whenever I feel like it.
  7. i just started carrying my rafe satchel in white two days ago and love it. it's more for summer (the shade of white) but it doesn't really matter. the white adds a bit of pop to the greys/black/blues/browns of the fall/winter season. at first i was a bit weary carrying white during winter but it's fabulous.
  8. Oh, yes! Carry it now, especially if it's cream or off-white!
  9. A beautiful cream-colored Gucci deserves to be carried at any time of the year!
  10. Hope to GAWD you aren't up in the northern half Minnesota - Duluth, for instance. Never did understand how anybody could live there -

    Husband from the Iron Range; I'm from down south and now in St. Paul, and yes - I don't know why we keep on keepin' on - but SPRING IS SURE NICE WHEN IT COMES!

    I was just looking at a chalk bag I have and thinking it would be very nice to pull that one out for the remainder of winter - such a lovely shade of white. Hayden-Harnett did/does 'chalk' very nicely.

    I'd say GO FOR IT!

  11. I love cream/bone/ivory/winter white year round. I just bought a Lucky Brand slouchy bag in bone (they call it Hemp!) and will wear it for the rest of the winter...
    or, until I find another bag...ha!
  12. i will wear anything white in winter with the exception of white jeans/shorts/skirt....definitely a no no. but i think white bags look incredibly chic in winter. :tup:
  13. I love my Cream/Tan Gryson Olivia for the Winter. It is like a big delicious marshmallow hanging off my arm :yes:
  14. I have to agree with the other ladies here...I just wear my Gryson skye in white/tan whenever! whether winter or fall or spring or summer! I just wear it cus it looks and feels good, as I do with all my other bags regardless of color or season=)
  15. Oh most definitely so! They are a stark contrast to my dreary colored clothes.