White Courier BIN 599

  1. That's a great price ... I just wish it wasn't so huge!
  2. I love it, but I'd constantly be avoiding brushing up against anything and with this bag it would be a full time job!!
  3. OMG, that price is INSANE, i swear these bags are taunting me!!! :sos:
  4. oooh i could take it sailing :heart:

    hahah imagine me going on the sailboat looking all in place and then freaking out "nooooooo don't dirty my white bag :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: " :roflmfao:
  5. hahaha... I wonder if applegarde would protect it enough so that it would be OK to wear.

    *slaps BIN finger*
  6. how BIG is this bag?? would it be weird to use it for daily??
  7. gone.
  8. thank gawd... my BIN finger thanks you. it hates exercise!
  9. Well, it might be back out there for another BIN sooner than you think... I am the culprit, and I'm kinda questioning my sanity now!! I was frustrated carrying my City bag today because I had to bring my laptop and I was thinking I *really* needed a work bag. But then I though ... sheesh, if only they would make a work bag with a shoulder strap ... and then I saw this auction and decided that the price was right to try out the courier (as impractical as the color may be). Oh well...we shall see. I think I'm on a bag buying ban now .... this has gotten a little ridiculous!
  10. It's a great price! Why don't you guve it a run and see if it works for you - I'm sure if you have to re-list, you'll be able to recoup your cost. Congrats!
  11. Tweetie - yeah, great minds think alike - that was totally my justification for going for it! ;)
  12. yippy, i'm soooooooooooo happy you won this bag girl, whatta deal!!! :yahoo:
  13. Aw.....I have been watching that bag for weeks and restraining myself!

    Glad a PFer bought it though =)
  14. That's a great bag. I am afraid I wouldn't do well with a white bag.