White color Chanel VS Dirty easily ?

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  1. Guys I wanna buy Chanel purse '' East - West " as Christy Turlington is a model on collection Feb 2008 (in my picture icon)
    I like white color,lamb skin -- but I think when time pass by ,the color turn a bit yellow and look dirty .

    So I want to ask ,who have Chanel purse in white color before.
    - Do you have a problem with this and when the purse is dirty how do you clean this type of lamb skin leather ?
    - Any experiences that when long run the white color turn to yellow ?
    thnx :yahoo:
  2. I've had my white caviar e/w and it's been a bit dirty since purchasing it 3 years ago, but nothing that can't be cleaned. I don't know about lambskin though. GL
  3. Years ago I owned a white lamb bucket purse. It got dirty but it never yellowed. I think it's the white patent that is prone to yellowing over time.