White color bag.....

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  1. Ladies,
    Would you consider white for all year round color? Like winter white?
    I just purchased on and wanted to use it thru the winter...but not sure if I should. Please help.
  2. I think it depends on where you live .... I live near Chicago so I personally don't use White year round HERE but I would if I were in a nicer climate
  3. I think that if you live in a warm sunny climate, then wearing white year round isnt too much of an issue. But it can look wrong in the winter, I think a winter white bag needs to be chosen carefully.
  4. Absolutely wear a "winter white" bag in winter....heck, why do they call it winter white in the first place? As long as it's not a white white, than you'll look fabulous carrying it....it's will be a nice contrast to all the dark colors one usually wears in winter. If you're not sure, post pics of your baby......
  5. Yes! Winter white is not a stark white. You can wear it in the winter. But, I think this only goes for fabric. I'm just trying to place myself back in Northern Michigan, and I can't seem to see myself wearing even a winter white bag there. But I would wear winter white slacks! But, I would wear winter white handbags here in Florida in the winter. Make sense??
  6. Absolutely, yes, carry white. This is a great year for it. Looks terrific with black!
  7. I agree, winter white is completely appropriate for fall/winter months as is ivory or cream. I think you should just avoid bright summer white in the winter.
  8. [​IMG]
    here is the bag that I got. It is white not ivory. Hum.........
  9. Yes, hum....it's a white, bright white - not a winter white with brown/grey/or ivory undertones. This would not be a good winter item to wear unless you're in the South where there really isn't a winter. Just my opinion.
    Great looking bag....
  10. I think a bright white bag can be appropriate for fall/winter. Black and white always go well, like the mod look. White just pops against the black, I love the look of white boots with a black dress.
  11. I always thought "winter white" implied a bright stark white (like snow)? Personally, I love bright white year round...very nice for the summer months and a great contrast to the fall/winter colors and I don't it should matter if a color is considered a "summer" or "winter" color...if you like it, wear it! :smile:
  12. Winter White is a muted white, not a stark white. I like in So. California, so anything goes around here. I don't wear white all that often, because it gets dirty so quickly, but it does look great and if I wasn't so clumsy with my bags and clothes, I would probably wear it a lot more often.
  13. I feel like a white bag is very stylish all year round these days. As long as you keep it somewhat clean..... I'm in love with this Gryson Olivia in white right now: http://www.rarechic.com/product_view.php?id=197 . Rarechic is doing a special 25% discount code this weekend, Rare25, and I'm thinking of indulging.