white collar

  1. anyone plan on watching this show? it premieres tonight at 10/9 central on usa. i'm seeing advertisements for it everywhere and usa has been running commercials for it nonstop. the lead actor is also very cute.

  2. i watched it!

    it surprised me, i liked it more than i thought i would. but usa hasn't been disappointing me lately. love burn notice and in plain sight.

    the rapport between the two main characters is great. i'll def be tuning in again.
  3. I watched it too. Man, USA promoted the crap outta that show. But they were right!

    I loved it. Agree about the two main characters having good chemistry. The previews are showing a story arc with the missing wife is coming. I'm interested to see where they take this.

    It's going to probably be my favorite USA show since my beloved Monk is in the last season.
  4. I watched the first half hour, it didnt hold my attention too well.
  5. I actually liked the show. There are a few elements that seem far fetched but I did enjoy it.
  6. ^yeah, they're not really aiming for plausibility with a lot of these things, but hey, whatever :lol:
  7. I liked it too. I'm glad they are adding something to the friday night line up to replace Monk. This will go well with psych next season. I love the main character from Chuck, so hot.
  8. I really like this show. Usa has some great shows and then came the heartbreak. The lead actor is gay irl.
  9. Love it and so did my mom and aunt. Bomer is so cute.
  10. i knew he was too good to be true :lol:
  11. I read that too.
  12. hmm...my husband's been recording it and I haven't been interested in looking at it until I saw this thread. I am going to check it out now!
  13. usa comes up with some really good shows, oftentimes better than the major networks! This is a cute show, witty and the characters are pretty likeable. it ought to do well.

  14. ack! heartbreak, indeed. [​IMG] like i had a chance if he were straight or something. haha!
  15. I watched the it so far. And likin it! I love USA Network, they havent disappointed me at all! Burn Notice, Psych, Monk, and now White Collar! :smile: OMG I didnt know he was gay! :oh: