White Coffer...How to baby her???...Pleaseee

  1. Hi all,

    I just got my white coffer. It has some darkenings around the hardware ring where handles connect to the body. I guess b/c the ring touches with the nappa leather which makes it darker over time.

    How can i get rid of it? Anyone knows how to baby nappa leather? :sad: Pls pls pls help or locate the right thread for me...:heart:

  2. you are soo brave for getting a coffer in such a light color, especially white! I have this 'white bags phobia' and can't carry white bags without worrying I'll get color transfer on it :push: Many people have used apple gard for their leather goods to protect it from water and stains, have you tired that? or even the leather conditioner would be great too, IMO.. I have used it on my leather bags and it's fine :smile:
  3. how to get rid of the darkenings? pls pls pls
  4. Oh no, I have the cream coffer and it is my biggest fear to get it dirty, I wouldnt mess around with it and try and clean it yourself, please take it to a profesional
  5. Hi mameaw, I have the same problem with the rings on my ivory coffer as well. Sad thing is.....I've only worn it ONCE! Are the "darkenings" almost like a black color? Can you post pics? I'm thinking about sending mine to "lovin my bags" to be cleaned and conditioned and then putting it up for auction. But it is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, it's really hard to think of parting with it. When I get home I will try to post pics in a new thread tomorrow. :sad:
  6. Well... to be honest, I think people are too afraid of hurting their bags. I totally understand (have a suede Coffer), but I'd just use some... hmm, don't know what it is in english, but a strong soap. What excactly do you think will happen?

    I work with vintage bags, and the best advise I have would be to try and clean it yourself, then make sure you spray it with water protectant once a week. That way, the dirt won't stick and you can wash it off with water and a towel later:smile:

    Good luck, ladies!
  7. I just realised that the post sounded a tad *****y, which was not my intention at all!!! Sorry! I'm just always curious as to what people think will happen when soap hits the leather. Just try some on a q-tip first and see if it works:smile:
  8. Actually, I tried the soap and water treatment on a white Kooba Devin bag after my DH told me the same thing you just posted and it totally distorted the leather where I tried cleaning it. It seemed to ruin the leather AND didn't even take out the stain. I ended up selling a bag that I wore only once on eBay for 1/3 of the price that it cost me. I will never try that again, especially not on Nappa leather. :nogood:
  9. Wellll...just exactly the same. The darkenings are almost a black color and i have problem on both rings I will take photo tonight and post pics here.

    I know the darkening area is not so obvious to see. Still, i'm really annoyed and i haven't even worn it yet. Btw, pls tell me whether LMB products work or not. I'm so unlucky as there is no LMB product here in TH. sad sad sad:crybaby: Do u know whether LMB is available online?

    Till now, i don't dare to try any products on my coffer. Nappa is so delicate IMO. I'm afraid it will totally ruin the leather.:sad:
  10. OMG!! No, I didn't mean for you to use that strong a soap!

    I have a few LMB products and I'm really happy with them! I've used them on my Bbag, and it looked amazing!

    Reg the white again.. Is it discolouring, or had the colour worn off? If the latter is the case, you can buy special paint for bags (might work either way, not white shoe polish)!

    Good luck!!
  11. Here are a couple of pics of the problem areas on my cream coffer. Is this how yours looks?

  12. yeahhhh

    exactly the same....

    here are mine...

    i have applied small amount of conditioner on it...it's better a little bit. still, i can't get rid all of them...:crybaby:
    DSC05650.jpg DSC05651.jpg DSC05654.jpg
  13. Wow, yours looks great compared to mine! I tried applying Leather CPR on one of the areas yesterday and it didn't do much. As a matter of fact, it seems like it simply ground the black in deeper :crybaby: What type of conditioner did you use?
  14. i have Coach conditioner .... so i applied small amount on cotton bud and clean it. it helped just a bit but still have some darkenings left.

    i would try apple guard or LMB if i had one of them. however, these two brands are not available in Thailand :sad:. so, i tried wht i have in hands.
  15. Sorry to side track.

    i am a brand new owner of plum leather coffer bag. Do i need to apply anything on the bag to preserve the life of the bag? And the gold buckles, do i need to apply vanish?

    In fact i also own one Coach suede bag in a light color. the color seems all dusty now and i do not know what to do to refresh it.