White Coco Cabas

  1. Someone just returned a white coco cabas at Nordstrom Mall of America. It is in perfect condition, she never even unwrapped it from the box. This will go QUICK.
  2. That's lovely, Lucas! I hope this will go to one of our tPF ladies, go for it girls! :woohoo:
  3. Lucas,

    Is it a large Coco Cabas with CC logo in front or the baby cabas?

    I guess it should be gone by tomorrow! :noworry:
  4. i called to be nosey yesterday. its the baby cabas
  5. Yes, the baby cabas.
  6. Hi CHANELboy is the bag still available or better still is there a black one available? I am after a baby cabas and am having difficulty getting one in Aust so I thought I would find out whether I can purchase one in from OS.
  7. Thanks for posting Chanelboy...

    Can you let me know what price the baby cabas is?
  8. $1795

  9. oooo thanks chanelfans!
  10. i saw a white baby cabas at NM Beverly Hills today and the SA told me it was $1995. is she charging me a higher price?
  11. No, $1995 is the current price for the Cabas now.
  12. hi CHANELboy,
    is there any blk baby cabas available? i really want one....thx a lot
  13. Not at the moment, but we will receive 25 more black pieces this August.
  14. Chanelboy, do you have a waitlist for the baby cabas? thankx
  15. Hi CHANELboy,

    Do you have dark silver baby Cabas?