White Coach!

  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone has this bag?


    Does anyone happen to know the name of this bag and the price of it? i dont think i've ever seen this bag in person! i really like it!
  2. this was from the kid's line a few years ago... i don't remember the name, but it was something like quilted pouch or something. it also came in hot pink.

    cute bag though!
  3. Style # 645- Quilted C Cosmetic Pouch
  4. oh wow thanks you guys! i love this bag a lot i want the hot pink one too!
  5. Came out holiday 04.
  6. Yep- it was part of the quilted line for fall a while back. My mom got the larger hobo in black- it had a lovely satin lining. I actually saw them at the outlets a while later, but they were only marked down $20 :p
  7. That is just darn CUTE!!!
  8. That's really cute! What a sweet summer bag!
  9. so cute!
  10. That's cute! I hope you find one!
  11. TJ Maxx had a TON of those in December...
  12. looks like it'd be so hard for me to maintain, but i'm sure you can do it! it DOES look cute!! and i do agree that it is called the quilted something. he he he. you should get the one in hot pink! it's a very cute and discrete bag....the logo isn't so loud. you can't do wrong with that bag.
  13. It's a cute puffy Cloud of Coach! ;)
  14. omg really?! How much were they at tj maxx? wow! i've only been to tj maxx once! i've never spotted anything by coach there!

  15. Update: YAY! i found that bag in white!!! I have it now!!! YAY!!!! i want to find the pink one too! Are there only two colors for this bag? White and pink?