White Coach Miranda Bag

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  1. I just purchased the Coach Miranda bag in Blue and am thinking about also getting it in white.....My thought was that the blue bag would go great with jeans (and it is something DIFFERENT than my traditional black or brown bags that I always carry). I have never owned a white bag. Can I carry the white Miranda during the winter or is it strictly for summer - based on the color? Any advice would be appreciated :yes:
  2. I dont see why not. The way I see it is that instead of a nice light white summer bag, its a crisp snow white winter bag =]
  3. I think you can carry it in all seasons depending on your clothing choice!
  4. It depends on what your local climate is like and what your wardobe is like. The Miranda is a crisp true white and that's a hard bag to use in a rainy or snowy region.
  5. Of course I live in rainy Oregon........sigh....what to do?????
  6. I live in Florida and have no issues with carrying a white bag year around. In your location, I would keep the blue. Besides, I rarely buy a very expensive white bag. No matter how nice they are, they don't stay sharp looking long enough for me to justify the cost.
  7. I think it depends on where you live. We have really bad winters here in the midwest, and a white bag would get ruined with all the snow, salt, and slush. I will be putting my white bag away sometime in September, and I won't bring her out again until at least April.
  8. I picked up one of these last weekend. The BF thought it was elegantly stunning and he almost never comments on bags so i had to have it.
    I don't carry any of my bags often at once so I'm not worried about the color issue.

    To answer the OP's original question I think it could be an all year round back.
    Pretty summer white, pretty winter white.
  9. I don't think there are any hard fast rules anymore -- if you want to carry it in the winter, I'd say go for it!
  10. I would carry white all year. There is no way I am going to buy a bag that I could only wear a few months
  11. Considering that you live in a rainy region, I would go with the blue because it's more noticeable if the white bag gets wet from rain/snow and catches a bit of dirt. If you're good at shielding your bag from mother nature then go for the white.
  12. Thank you guys!! Has anyone seen the blue Miranda in person? I was suprised when it arrived and it had a greenish hugh to it. Guess I was expecting dark blue blue. But I LOVE it! I've never had a white bag before, but I think I'm going to let it pass and just enjoy my blue one. Bag addiction is scary :smile:

    Thanks again for the advice on the white bag.
  13. We needs of pics of your new bag.

    I have never had a white bag either, I worry to much about messing one up:P
    Maybe I will branch out.