White Coach... but bad color for winter?

  1. So, I may hold off on the reversible tote until I can get it off eBay a little cheaper. The auctions I was watching sold for a bit higher than I wanted, and the remaining one just went too high for me. It's really soon to get it on there anyway I think so it's okay for now.

    ANYWAY. Tell me the truth about winter bags. Is white not a good color? I understand there's "winter white" but I think that has some other off-white shades in it and light light tones of color, but I'm not sure.

    So I really like this bag... and I have a black velvety-type jacket I'll probably wear a lot, and a white tweed jacket. How well do you think this Coach bag would go, AND in winter as it snows here and all that? I'm very unsure! Should I look into another color? Suggestions? Pictures?

    Thanks so much!

    Here's the one I'm loving and wondering about:


    I NEED a winter bag but under $200... and I'm stumped so I might be hanging around for a while. I'll try to post about other bags in this thread though so there's not too many started for it in case I'm still searching.
  2. since i have a white bag and am currently carrying it...

    i'd say no! it's perfectly fine to carry a white bag in winter.

    it goes with everything, black, brown, shades of red...

    however, mine is a earthy white, it's not as bright as that one, and that one is a little harder to pull off during the winter.

    just IMO.
  3. i think certain people can pull it off gorgeously...i am not, however, one of these people.
    if you love it, buy it. but i would personally pair it with the black jacket and not the white tweed.
  4. Honestly I see that particular one for spring, and something like that quilted demi for winter, or one of the legacy bags for winter. But if you love it, then ignore me and go for it.
  5. ^^but this is the girl who carries her YELLOW longchamp tote in summer AND winter lol...so I may not be the best girl for this question..
  6. i think yellow is going to be HUGE next fall. it's starting to pop up now

    i want one of the prada bags in bright yellow sooooooo bad. i think it comes in primary colors.

    i :heart: yellow, do you have a pic of this bag? =)
  7. ^^Really?! For once I'm going to be ahead during the times?! WHOA! Sure I'll take picts tomorrow after work! And might I also add I'll be galavanting through the town in a bright zoe clutch, either in the striped or the bright leather, so for me, all bets are off during the season. I wear what makes me happy! and the stripes and the yellow do that for me!
  8. Do you think this could be a bag best worn if I'm not wearing a jacket? Maybe that's it.. it's seldom times in the winter I'd not bring a jacket with me though. I would definitely get good use our of this bag come time for spring and summer, but that's legitimately 6 or 7 months away =\
    I love this bag though... but I need to get one I'll use a lot, agh. Maybe in another color for this... I'll have to see.
  9. I love the bag and I love the color, but I wouldn't wear it in the winter. But, like Kallison said, some people can pull it off perfectly. I'd wear an all leather bag in white for winter, but not a fabric bag in white.

    But if you love it, it would be foolish to pass it up or not get it. When spring rolls around, you will be missing it.
  10. I think you should get it. I think the white shade will be fine. You just need to make sure you take proper care of it, since it is all fabric, in the snow and rain and such.
  11. As long as it looks great on you and matches your outfit, why not?
  12. I don't see any problems carrying a white bag in winter, like others said if you have the right outfit, it's no problem.
  13. I think it's fine for winter. I do it, and I think it looks okay. BTW, I have that bag in the brown and I love it!