white clichy 120s... do these exist??

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  1. or am i just being crazy? i think they would be an ultimate dream shoe for me...

    i know the make a bone color, but i was thinking of a pure white.
  2. you could probably special order these?:shrugs:
  3. I think Danielle did a SO for white patent Clichys :yes:
  4. ^^ so they don't make them? aww shucks SO would be an extra 30%
  5. worth it though if you have the funds, they would be totally amzing and you would love them all the more!
  6. I saw white suede declics on the cover of my Harpers Bazaar a few months back...maybe that could be a lovely option?
  7. white suede = dirt/mud/stains waiting to happen
  8. Clichy SO would still be cheaper than a pair of VPs.
  9. Jepp and they are one of my favorites :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:

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  10. ^^Stunning.
  11. wa wa weeee wahh!
  12. Danielle, those are truly fabulous!!!
  13. omgosh danielle please do modeling pics!
  14. Yes--pretty please, Danielle!