White clemence?

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
What I understand is due to the groves in the grainy leather, dirt gets trapped easily, making it a dirt magnet and thus harder to maintain the pristiness of the white. You might want to consider white Epsom which is easier to maintain. But the latter skin is stiffer, so if you're looking for slouch, it's not for you.

There's been quite a few threads on white leather, you may want to do a search.
Feb 18, 2008
In my very HO, clemence in white turns yellow and is harder to maintain a crisp white feel. It always looks a bit dingy to me, no matter how clean people keep their white clemence bags. White Epsom is the only way to go if you don't mind stiff and very very stark white. It will be the last H bag that I buy...but so loving white epsom with GH.

pas de cheval

May 3, 2008
How hard is this to keep, guys? Problems with cleaning, spas, etc?

Immediate opinions required! Decisions need to be made...
Anez, I'm glad you posted this and that so many lovely replies have helped your enquiry! I posted a while back about white clemence that I was thinking about for a lindy and sadly no one posted a reply. I think white is timeless - in Melbourne our boutique sells out Kellys and Birkins in darker colours (I think we Melbournians are a bit conservative) but we do regularly get items also in blue jean, gold and rouge hermes. If it helps you, white items do not do well in our boutique. I wandered in regularly every few weeks, but the last time I checked, there is still a white Victoria FT in clemence waiting to be bought, a white Epsom Paris Bombay is still on display, and the white lindy was on display for a long time. Similarly the rose dragee lindy in swift. So, I think the white in general deters buyers because it isn't as friendly to keep clean....certainly I'm waiting for a more adventurous colour like quetsche, prune and bleu de Prusse. Good luck with deciding about white clemence.


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Aug 28, 2007
Generally, white and light colors are more difficult to maintain than dark colors. One has to be extra careful when using white bags. The cleaning of white bags also takes longer time and they have be sent to Paris.