White Clemence Bolide or White Clemence Birkin??? Hum,.. what to do!

  1. So I have decided that my first Hermes purchase of 2007 is going to be WHITE! What I have not decided on is Bolide or Birkin? :shrugs:

    For some time now I have lusted over Hermes white bags. I know that they are very high maintenance but I don't care. I'm only gonna live once so what the heck! Unless I donate some body parts! :s

    So my question is to you girls is which one would you get? AND WHY! I know a Birkin is a very luxurious bag to have, but for me I feel the same love for all the bags. So don't tell me to get a Birkin because it's a fashion stamp because I'm not going for it! :roflmfao:

    Pictures will be good too.

    Oh yeah BTW I would get the Bolide with GH and the Birkin with RH,.. ahh! Dreaming!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'd get the Bolide because I think it would stay "nice" longer because it's easier to open/close. Plus I have the Bolide lust right now... :whistle:
  3. pictures of white birkin I collected from tpb. credit goes to the original owner.:yes:
    vic_hotelmatch3.jpg 1430716400_l.jpg
  4. sorry?:blink: did someone say bolide? :wacko: :weird:
    :choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo: :upsidedown:
    white bolide.jpg
  5. I'd get the bolide in white clemence as I love a white slouchy bolide.
  6. sorry, can't find gold hw
    white single bolide.jpg
  7. White Bolide, E. I just see you with a white Bolide. The Bolide is a very low-key, under the wire bag......in white, it'll bring it right to the fore-front!
  8. I could totally see you with a white bolide as well!
  9. :drool:
  10. This Bolide is so hipnotizing,....
  11. I think any Hermes bag in white is stunning. I remember when I was dying for the White Paris Bombay,... O my heart,.. my heart can't take this tourture!
  12. I can picture it with a vibrant scarf and jeans! So hot!
  13. Yep! I see a white Bolide in Bagg's future......very near future, I'm thinking!!!!
  14. Just be careful of the color transfer, Bagg when you wear jeans. Otherwise, stunning bag and stunning combo with a colorful scarf!
  15. Well Baggaholic, if you are not hung up over the Birkin, then may I suggest the Bolide? I think it would be smashing in white!! I like the fact that there's the shoulder strap option...but like Shopmom says, just be careful of the color transfer problem.