White Clemence Bolide 31cm?

  1. My friend might sell me her new white clemence Bolide 31cm with palladium for $5000.
    Do you think I should buy it or buy a Birkin on Ebay for $10,000?
    Nobody seems to mention Bolides all that often. I do have a black box Bolide which got a lot of use and even has my initials engraved in the oval below the handles. Do you know that the Barefoot Contessa has a black box Bolide and a black box Kelly? I don't know if you really care...just thought I'd mention it. I've seen her wear it on her Food Network Show when she's out and about shopping groceries.
  2. I love the Barefoot Contessa. I am tempted to get cable just so I can get the Food Network (and HGTV)

    I like the Bolide but I would never buy a white bag, I would mess it up so quickly. Stains leap off other people on to me.

    Do you have a Birkin?? If not, since you have a Bolide, get a Birkin.
  3. I love the look of the white but would not enjoy having to be so careful lol!!! I think that's neat that the Barefoot Contessa has H bags....thanks for sharing! DH loves her lobster pot pie I make him....what birkin on e-bay are you looking at?
  4. I've seen a white clemence Bolide and it was beautiful!!!! However, it was on the shelf so they do become available. Isn't 5K a bit high for second hand?
  5. Hmmmm. I don't know Lovehermes....white? It's a good size and you probably could get a lot into it but with that comes stains, dirt, smudge, and all kinds of things that just seem to be attracted to white bags. White bags are a magnet for everything you just don't want on them.:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  6. I love the bolide, but not so crazy about white bags. They are just too much work to keep clean, especially in the motor city!
  7. Well, it's a new Bolide that she doesn't want. I think it's a little less than $5000.
  8. You're right jag...it might be hard to keep clean in the motor city!!:yes:
  9. shoes...I love white too but I think I'd have to keep sending it to Hermes for cleaning. Love Barefoot Contessa too...her Kelly looked like it was black box 32cm rigide with gold hardware and the Bolide was 31cm box with gold also...as far as I could tell on the tv.

    I'm looking at all the white 30cm Birkins...don't want to spend that kind of money.
  10. White may also yellow with time and it is the only color that has to be sent back to France for a cleaning.
  11. Can I send it to NYC also for cleaning?
  12. NYC will send it France for the cleaning, so it may take up to 6 months to get your bag bac. BTW, that information comes courtesy of the SA's in NYC.
  13. That's crazy...thanks for the information!! Maybe it should be sent during the winter months.
  14. I was surprised to hear it, too. I was thinking of getting a white Bolide at the time, too. The staff in NYC knows how rough I am with bags, so they gave me the heads up on the white bags. Well, that just ended the deal for me, but you have to appreciate their honesty and integrity.
  15. That is very honest which is really wonderful. I love when SA are not pushy.