white classic with silver hardware limited edition?

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  1. hi theres no chanel boutique where i live so just wondering if this is a limited edition or here to stay? and the price of it? thanks!
  2. As far as I know, white caviar comes out every year, and it's had the silver HW for several years now. For some reason it's hard to track down - I think it's fairly popular. I couldn't find mine anywhere nearby - they sold out really quickly. I know a couple of other girls here were looking and having a hard time finding one recently.

    This is probably a bad time to look in the stores for white since the fall colors are in stock - black, brown, purple and dark red mainly.

    You can try the Chanel number, or maybe wait till next spring?
  3. Saks NYC has a jumbo white caviar classic flap!!
  4. It is limited if you look at the entire time Chanel has been making white caviar bags.
    If you want one get it soon ! Best time for white chanels is Dec-March.(whenever their Spring collection arrives)
  5. thanks for your help! i live in australia and theres no boutiques here but i can order one from another state... its just thati havent seen one in real life! just looking at all the pics of everyone with theirs makes me want one! im still kinda new to chanel as u can see hehehee
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