White CL Bow Pumps ???

  1. Ive seen the black and the nude IRF they are lovely :yes:
  2. Go for the nude ones:tup: I personally don't own any white shoes.
  3. thanks!!!

    I need white pumps for the DVF dresses with with parts in it. Im not sure if nude would match good. The dress is green with with points or red with with strips.

    Not easy to find the perfect color for that... :sad:
  4. Those shoes are really pretty irl I also saw the black and nude ones I just wonder if they don't slip off your foot easily, I bought a couple of the Prada d'orsey pumps in the past I tried various sizes but they were either too tight or I lost them all the time...
  5. The black ones go with so many outfits. I kind of wish I got the white or nude ones now. :s
  6. I would like to see whits pumps on modeling pics. I´m not sure if white looks "cheap" or chic ?!

    love the comination of white and red .......
  7. Not really a fan of white shoes, one reason it they are impossible to keep clean and I depise dirty white shoes! The nude are stunning.
  8. I dont own white pumps. I think they can look good (ala Carrie's Manolos in SATC), but I'd be too scared to attempt them. Cant say I'm dying to either...
  9. I tried these on in fuchsia satin and they are stunning! i'm not too sure about white tho...
  10. Yeah, I don't really know how these would look. I don't own any white shoes. I would go with the nude color. I think the nude is more flattering!!! :rolleyes:
  11. i would like them without the bows...but i don't know if i could ever pull off white shoes, im' such a klutz i would ruin them
  12. I think white shoes really make an outfit look crisp and beautiful, but I have to agree that they are very difficult to maintain and I hate how dirty they get. But I do think these are lovely!