white city 04'..

  1. Wow it's the first time i see one! Very nice!
  2. It's a city, and from s/s '04 :smile:
  3. right...I'm still visually impaired..saw the silver...
    thanks doll.
  4. Any takers?
  5. my pleasure winona!!! ;) no problem!
  6. After the losing out on the flat brass Nhelle added to her extensive collection this morning...and now this Rouge 03' city teasing me... I need a B-bag sabbatical...for real!
  7. No doubt! Count me in!!:shame:
  8. What flat brass? Do you have the link please? Would love to see pics!
  9. ^ Nhelle will enjoy it since I know she was on the hunt for a black flat brass. It's a second season, and so pretty!
  10. Thanx winona!
  11. its kind of dirty... has anyone tried cleaning a white before?