White Chevre??

  1. Might be a dumb question...does chevre (Mysore or Coromandel) come in white?
  2. No sorry.... :crybaby:

    The white colour come in Togo / Taurillon / box (impossible to get it now).
  3. ^^^^Specialistparis to the rescue!!!! Don't forget epsom and Swift.
  4. :roflmfao:

    You're right ! Epsom and swift.... I've never see a white swift yet. :crybaby:
    anyway the white it's so hard to get it.
  5. White Swift is nice, but I wonder how hard it would be to clean. If I were to get white, it would be in epsom. The easiest to clean.
  6. YAY!! Thanks to the two of you!!

    I'm thinking of a white Bolide.........31.....nice and crisp for summer.......
  7. If I were to get a white it would be a kelly (not a birkin or a bolide) and here is why:

    I - The handles are one of the parts where H bags show more wear, and replacing a handle on a kelly is easier and less expensive since the handle is hooked on HW and the craftsman doesn't have to dismount a good part of the bag.:idea:

    II - These same HW links that make the handle easier to replace eventually allow you to tie a twilly or a scarf and wrap the handle from one link to another, wich is fun and useful in order to prevent damages on such colors.:idea:

    But my question is:
    HG, you said you would choose Epsom beacause it is the easiest to clean, but what about Clémence and Togo? Are they much harder to clean than Epsom and why?:confused1:

  8. It appears Epsom is finished with a resin and its surface can be cleaned with damp cloth. Togo and clemence are not, also they are more porous and the stains would get absorbed more easily. As it is, my white epsom still managed to start looking dingy after a few weeks.
  9. does white leather turn yellowish after a while???
  10. thank you very much for the information HG!
  11. It can after a few years.
  12. thanks HG

    I don't suppose hermes can remove the gradual yellowing then?
  13. I don't believe so, but you can take measures to prevent this from happening. Like keeping the bag covered in its sleeper and away from heat.
  14. my white is clemence in JPG shoulder birkin! i don't think it comes in chevre, it would have been nice though.........

  15. Yes, more common in Epsom !!