White Chanel ~~

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  1. I'm so not updated with the name of every chanel bags. But this is my all time favourite bag ~~ just wanna share with you guys...:smile:

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  2. mochmoch,

    I envy you. This is thewhite chanel reissue 2.55, should be size 227, right? It's wonderful too!!! So, you're not that new wor, you've at least 2 gorgeous collection from Chanel...
    Does it need a lot of babying for white bag?
  3. ooh, it's soooo beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  4. OMG, this bag is so beautiful - the color and the style too, nice nice...love how it looks on you!! Love your shoe !!iihih
    Thanks alot for sharing ;)!!
  5. Congrats on your bag!! It's soo beautiful!!!
  6. Hi, love it! is it the 227 in patent or calfskin?
  7. Since the chain looks to be a gold finish I'm guessing this is the white patent reissue from Fall 2006. Very nice.
  8. wow,I love it!Congrats!:drool:
  9. Congrats - it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :love: :love:

  10. this is patent..:smile:
  11. Thanx!
    Not so much babying.. but i'm always careful to it.
  12. Thanx, Hellobabie!!!...
    Love ur bags&shoes too!!!
  13. I love this! wow at the white patent. It looks very offwhite in the pic because of the lighting. SOOO PRETTY!
  14. Oh it's so cute.
    Moch Moch: Are the shoes Dior guacho? If they are i have exactly the same pair. I think they are,aren't they.
  15. pretty!!!!