White Chanel Purse in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

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  1. Can someone identify the white chanel purse the blonde girl is holding when she's sitting on the couch in the movie trailer?
  2. i think its a white jumbo too
  3. the chain looks different...it's hard to tell.
  4. It could be the white timeless flap.
  5. Thanks, guys!
  6. I've watched the film, it's a vintage white xl jumbo, couldn't make out if it was lambskin/caviar. Looked like caviar to me :yes:
  7. whatever it is... yum lol
  8. i'm watching this movie tomorrow but on the commericals...it looked like the white jumbo flap.
  9. are there any in the movie?
  10. Just that one time that was shown in the commercials.. but on the movie you could see the bag more clearly.. it was almost like they were promoting Chanel =s
  11. When I first saw that movie on DVD, I had to reverse that part of the movie to take a better look at her purse. My impression is that its a Vintage XL Flap.
  12. when I watched it on Blu-ray it looked more like a white caviar, but knowing the extreme lighting on set - it might've been the new beige clair in real life... who knows?
  13. i think its the new maxi no??