White chanel boy

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  1. Hi guys,

    Im a freak for celine, so this will be my first ever chanel. I have found a white chanel boy that i am ABSOLUTELY in love with, but im not sure because its white... i also want the black.. but the white is just so beautiful.
    can you ladies please help me out with your experiences with your white or black chanel? Im torn!
  2. White, so difficult to take care. Myself, I would not spend the $$ on a white bag. They are beautiful while they are clean.

  3. +1. I've had two white bags (Chanel vintage and BV). They get dirty so easily . After that I refuse to buy an expensive white bag.
  4. +1

    never again to any white bag. i totally ruined an expensive one w/color transfer after just 2 wears.
  5. Do you have a picture-what kind of leather is it?
  6. Agree. I bought the Chanel white mini and had to send it to the spa after 2 wears. Not worth it imo. I have to be extra careful whenever I wear it.
  7. I definitely agree with the other posters, I bought a white lamb skin bag from Chanel 3 years ago and it is impossible to keep it in its original condition. It is very difficult to maintain it. It gets dirty very easily. I will never buy another white bag again. Hope that helps!
  8. Ahhh thank you ladies!!! Im going to Skip out on it. I was wondering why she was willing to let go a large boy bag for $4000.