White Chanel Box vs Black Chanel Box

  1. What is the difference between a White Chanel box
    with a photo of the style on the side and a Black Chanel box?

    Is the Black one a gift box only available at Chanel Boutiques?
    Is the White one from a Department store Boutique?

    Just curious as to the distinction?

    TIA ;)
  2. There are white Chanel boxes for regular bags? I was always under the impression that the white boxes that members talk about are for the super large bags like the cabas or something.

    I've gotten the black chanel boxes at both boutiques and dpt.stores and some of them have the corresponding stickers
  3. im not sure about everytime. but im pretty sure the biggest styles of bags come in big white boxes. other than that everything should come in the black box.
  4. So, the Baby Cabas could come in a white box, as it is a larger bag?
    This is making sense to me now.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond :p
  5. Yep, my expandable tote came in a white box.