White Chain Maille Messenger Has Arrived!


Dec 10, 2006
I opened the box this afternoon and was astounded by what I saw:
A beautiful messenger bag! Although it is not a true messenger, because the strap is too short to wear across the body. As it is, the drop is short too because it falls to a couple of inches below my armpit (and I'm only 4' 11"). I love it dearly. I just wish they would also come out with a larger model (to hold a water bottle or jacket). The lambskin is so so soft, like a baby's skin.

Size: 8" T x 10 - 10 1/2 W x 1 1/2 - 2" D

This one is a keeper for me! I think I also want the black version - unfortunately, that means more handbags to sell (at least I will not be pummeled by falling Chanel boxes on my upper shelves anymore ;) ).

Now can anyone tell me please what to condition white lambskin with? I posted before but haven't got an answer. I would like to waterproof it if possible before I take my new baby out. Otherwise, my handbag needs its own umbrella.



Always Be Thankful
Jan 3, 2008
Great bag, Malinda! I'm really happy that you love it. Still waiting for my Portobello and new beige caviar jumbo to arrive. I truly hope I adore them as much as you love your new messenger bag...congrats!