White caviarish looking hobo bag

  1. i went to chanel boutique this morning to pick up my white grained calfskin flap bag and right when i was about to pay i saw this cute white hoboish bag on the top stand so i asked sa if i can see it and for sec i thought it was caviar but sa said its not...it was very stylish and cute but after standing there to decide what i want i just bought the flap bag but i am gonna go back sometime this week/weekend with my bf to get his opinion. this is my first white purse and ill probably won't get another white purse for awhile since i am more black/brown dark colored purse lover~
    what i wanted to know was anyone who which purse im talkin about??? the purse i got is on the chanel.com but the hobo lookingish purse isnt...and sa told me, that one is the newer design~ i wanted to show my mom and my bf to get their opinion before i take them into the store....help me~!
  2. Is it the hobo in distressed leather?
  3. i dunno if it called distressed leather...but i thought it was white caviar leather but sa said its not...you have any pix?
  4. no. If it's the one im thinking of it's distressed leather and comes in black, white, brown, red and navy retails for around $1700. Is it the hobo w/zipper and on the handle it's leather with some chain? not interwoven..
  5. yea~!!! you know anywhere i can get the pix???
  6. I thought there was one at chanel website. let me check
  7. thank you so much
  8. I can't get the pic but It was on chanel website but not under christmas stuff. Great purse I got it in brown, my mother in law got the white and the red one.
  9. not anymore? well i got the white grained calfskin flap bag instead of that hobo...should i exchange???
  10. Well, did you try both of them on? which one do you like best?
  11. two are so different...ones casual, cute and easier to take care(leather)...second one is little more dressy, just bit more comfortable cuz it stays on the shoulder well but leather is very soft, meaning probably little more hard to take care of...ahhhh~~~ dilemma!!
  12. If you're not sure you should go back and try them on. See which one is best for you. good luck! Let us know what you decide.