White Caviar???

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  1. Has anyone had issues w/ color transfer or stains on white caviar??

    Is it easy to clean??
  2. not yet! its very easy and ive been careful about color transfer, so havent ran into that
  3. No I haven't had any issues and I've had mines since March. I usually wipe it down every night I use it as preventitive measures.
  4. Yup just a wet cloth will do the caviar.

    Caviar white was easier to clean than my light beige caviar I dont know why!
  5. I think a white caviar bag will be easier to maintain than a wallet, my white wallet has tiny (barely noticeable) pen stains on the corners. I think it's inevitable the way wallets are stuffed with coins and rattled around in purses all day.
  6. That's really good to hear, because I have heard of people having problems with color transfer from jeans.
  7. Color transfer from jeans will come off with saddle soap and a tad of water on a cloth.
  8. No problem at all.. the white is such a classy color.. and chanel classic caviar.. its a yummy!
  9. elongreach,
    Is your bag on silver or gold? I know this is so personal, but what do you guys think is more classic gold or silver?
  10. No problem at all...however I did notice the white thread of the quilting is looking a little less than pristine...:sad:
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