White caviar jumbo with new chain?

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  1. Hi lovely ladies, did Chanel make the white (bright white not dark white) caviar with the new chain? If anyone knows where I can find one, please post of pm me. I tried the Chanel boutiques and NM...
  2. bump
  3. There was a thread where someone bought the all white in the new chain. I just can not remember where I seen it. Its was so pretty... let me look through the threads and see if something jogs my memory..
  4. the last time i saw one was ages ago. i thikn the new chain was quite popular, they are completely sold out in toronto.
  5. Back from Vegas...here's the Chanel haul
    I don't know how to link the threads, but here is the title- its in the main chanel thread.
    it has the madoms. lock
    check into the details , I think it is the smaller one
  6. thanks so much girls! I found the smaller one but can't seem to find a jumbo.
  7. Yes, I have seen one at Charlotte NM. I usually shop with Natasha, but I think she is off today and will be back tomorrow. Her number is 704-442-7900
  8. ^^^I was just at NM on Saturday, but DH body blocked me at the entrance to the Chanel boutique, so I didn't get inside to see that. I do remember seeing a white jumbo a few weeks ago now that you mention it. Isn't Natasha the BEST?!! :yahoo:

  9. Yes, she is by far my fave SA.

  10. Yes Stacy! I saw the stark white jumbo w/the new chain a few months ago. I'll ask my SA if there are any more available.
  11. Thanks girls for your help! You are wonderful!!