White Caviar Jumbo with gold h/w available at NM

  1. Dear ladies, I remember somebody was looking for this particular bag. It is available at NM at Newport Beach. Call up my SA, Cynthia Smith at 1-949-887-3765, and please let her know Beverly sent you.:heart:
  2. Thanks for the post
  3. thank you for posting!
  4. How I wish...
  5. wonder if still available... but i'm not sur eif i can afford another $2.6 G bag...
  6. just called and it is still available!!!

    1 white jumbo with silver hw
    1 white jumbo with gold hw

    omg, i can shoot myself.
  7. oh man.. i want one in the medium size :s
  8. I want a medium too. Just thinking about the white jumbo w/ gold hw is tempting too..