white caviar jumbo, color transfer???

  1. Help! Claudia (Purse-onality) is in shock because there was some green transfer from a top she was wearing onto her white caviar. She asked me to send this post, since she is distraught. Before she goes into mourning, I told her that her PF buddies would help solve her dilemna.

    So, if anyone has any thoughts about how to remove color transfer, Claudia would be thrilled.

  2. Whoa-- I thought the color transfer would only come from very dark rinsed denims:nuts:
    I have not carried my white caviar flap, but I am sure someone will come along shortly and give some very wise advice about how to get it off.

    Poor Claudia---:sad:
  3. Dear Mexaluna50:

    I AM SO SORRY to hear that!!!!!! If I've remember corretly, there was a thread post by 1 of the member here of which she bought a solution in Wallgreen or Target (at the shoe section) which will take off ANY stain on her chanel bag!!!

    You might want to search a bit...

    GOSH, wish I've remember the name of the product she used....
  4. Hmmm did she call Chanel?
  5. I received an ivory caviar bag with denim jeans transfer on the back. I was devastated too. I tried conditioner and it didnt help. Finally I used saddlesoap and water and it removed it all completely. NOT a trace. And believe me, I would obsess over these things. It was spotless! Let me add that it was quite effortless to remove too. I didnt have to scrub hard nor wet the stitching much.
  6. Claudia.

    There is some great info on older threads. I searched using "color transfer", which was great. One post noted that saddle soap and water worked.
  7. Dear Luccibag:

    THANK YOU for SOLVING the mistery, it was YOUR thread that I've read!!!

    By the way, did you have the baby yet?!
  8. You're welcome! And no baby yet! Any day now!:yahoo:
    I know it works great for caviar but not for Ligne cambon bags nor lambskin.
  9. Dear Luccibag:

    THANK YOU for clarifying it. If I didn't know, I would have used it on EVERYTHING.... :wtf:

    GET AS MUCH SLEEP as you can because once the little one is out, it's sleepless nights.... :yes:
  10. IT's really good to hear that it's possible to remove the color from white bags. I'm lusting over the white flap bags, but I've been afraid of getting color from jeans or other clothing on them!

    Thank you!
  11. And even if you couldnt remove it for some reason, Chanel is EXCELLENT for fixing those problems. I took a few bags in that were faded in color and they fixed it (free of charge). I saw the invoice and it would have only been $110 to redye a bag. That's not bad. You could use it in peace and take it in at the end of the season for a "spa treatment" . Well worth it.
  12. Wow...great advice!!! :yes:
  13. The last time i had a few spots on my white caviar (not too sure how they got there).. I used facial wipes to remove them and it worked great! No effort needed. :p
  14. I am soo sorry ack! I hope she can get it off!!!
  15. Maxaluna and purse--did you try the saddle soap? did it work? if not, I would urge you to bring to chanel for a fix. I am sure they will be able to make it perfect again. xxxooo