White Caviar in Silver HW at SAKS??

  1. Hi ladies,

    Im desperate for one of these.. Ive already called 3 Saks stores (I would like to purchase one for the EGC event on Thurs). Is it hopeless to find one now?
  2. nyc has 1
  3. Hi Takeout!

    I just called them and they said they didnt have it :sad: Was it Saks NY?
  4. yep, Saks nyc.

    hmm, let me call...what's your name? if they have it, i will put it on hold under your name for you
  5. Sorry I shouldve been more clear! I called about the east west in white caviar with silver hardware. They said they didnt have it..

    My name is Kris by the way.
  6. oh ok, for some reason, i thought you were looking for the white GST in silver.
  7. hmm try calling Joseph 917-776-9353 (he's been mentioned several times on tPF before for being an excellent SA, thats how I got his number). I called over 10 Saks stores in Jan looking for a white caviar e/w with silver hardware and called him as well. He didn't have any in stock, but without even taking down my name he ended up finding one and called me back the next day! I :heart: extremely competent SAs. :yes: Unfortunately by then I had already given up and purchased a black one :push:

    Good luck!