White Caviar--help me pick a style, please?!?

  1. I'd like to make another addition to my Chanel family (which only includes the Timeless clutch in black lamb and the 5076 sunnies in black) ...

    I'd like a clutch sized bag in white caviar ... about 10 x 5-6 inches.

    Can someone explain the difference (and recommend) their pick between the East West, reissue and classic flap bag (would it be a small, then)?

    I am so confused as to the subtle difference between these three styles ... I've tried the "white" reference thread, but I'd appreciate recs.


  2. ... but I don't want a clutch bag (sorry--my post is confusing). I want a shoulder chain on this one.

  3. You mentioned you wanted something around the size of 10 x 5-6".

    The medium classic flap would match that almost perfectly. The dimensions are approx 10 x 6".


    Pictures courtesy of tweetie.
  4. East West


    courtesy of Luccibag.
  5. From the sizes you said, I think a 225 or a 226 reissue would fit your needs.
    A302225: - Small 9.75" x 7.06" x 2.16"
    A302226: - Medium 11" x 8" x 2.5"
  6. If you want white caviar, then it will be east west (single flap) or medium timeless classic (double flap), good luck with your decision
  7. I would suggest the white caviar east west. I'm actually looking at it too because it's a great size for a white bag and I like the fact that the strap is easily adjustable in length.
  8. I have the east west in white caviar and I really like it... but if you plan to use it more for an everyday bag I would recommend the medium. It's a really gorgeous bag that gets a lot of attention
  9. I'm torn between east west and medium flap. The size seems almost equiv ... what is the difference between these two?

    Is it just price? Or does east west only have one chain strap?
  10. Also, can someone tell me retail for each post-Nov price increase? I'm going thru the reference threads, but I'm thinking it's largely out of date?

    Thanks ... !!!
  11. ^ same question here.
  12. I'm thinking the east west white caviar is the way to go ... I think it might be around $1700.