White caviar flaps

  1. I'm dying for one, but just wondering do you they get yellowish after a few years or do they stay white. Also, how is the maintenance, do stains, etc. come off easily since it's caviar?
  2. i have a medium/large white flap in caviar... after i use it i inspect it so i can wipe off any marks etc... but one day i must have accidentally grazed it on something hard and the caviar has scratched... if it happened on black it wouldnt be as noticeable... ive had my bag for 6 mths and theres no marks whatsoever except for the scratch mark

    i love the classic flap in white in a smallish size and eventually i want the jumbo in red or black!
  3. I have had mine(jumbo classic caviar flap) about 6mths. No problems with keeping it clean. Do not know about yellowing.Hope that does not happen, UCK!!!!
  4. i had mine for a couple months, and wore it everyday during my trip to new york, through all my sweat and the pollution and all, it held up amazingly well, i'm quite impressed.
  5. hmmm, i don't have a white caviar flap, just a white [caviar] medallion tote. i've only had it since april, but it's been quite easy to maintain. any dirt can usually be wiped off with a damp cloth. like takeoutbox i'm also impressed!
  6. I've had my medium flap for over a year and it's still in pristine condition.
  7. yay! fabulous news to hear!
  8. My white pst has been holding up well and cleaning up pretty easily, I had a couple teeny tiny spots where the caviar peeled around the top, like the size of a pin head, I just touched it up with a drop of white nail polish and I was on my way....... I can be a bit daring when it comes to touching little spots up on my bags.....
  9. I really think I NEED one! :yahoo:
    Lola, good job on your operation, lol!