White caviar flap bag owners, how does yours hold up?

  1. Hi gals, since I got confirmation on the outrageous price increase starting 2/1, I am seriously thinking about getting a medium/large white caviar classic flap b4 that. But I am worrying about how the white color will hold up? I worry about possible color transfer from clothing/jeans. Also, I heard that over years (maybe 10+) the bag will turn yellowish. Is that true? Can some of the white caviar bags owner give me some advice? Thanks!
  2. Hikarupanda, i actually just posted a thread asking same question! I didnt see yours or else would have waited for answers to yours!

    silly me
  3. I have a white medium caviar classic flap that I got earlier this year and it's surprisingly durable! I had a parking lot accident with mine, and it's still pristine. The only sign of use is a bit of dirt on the inside and some light scratching on the hardware.

    It's probably too early for me to tell about the yellowing since it's less than a year, but I keep it stored in the dustbag when not in use.
  4. My flap is only a year old, but it's very durable and I don't think you'll have a problem keeping it clean. Just wipe it down every night when you're finished with it for the day.
  5. Saddle soap removes color transfer from the back of the bag. Even from jeans.
  6. do you gals match your white bag with darker color clothes often? Or you use it when you wear white/light color? I tend to wear darker color clothes, black, grey, blue, purple A LOT.
  7. Also, are there owners who own the white caviar bag for a longer period of time? have you seen your bag yellowing?
  8. I have white caviar and patent white chanel flap.. the caviar is about 6yrs old and the patent 1 yr old.. both in excellent condition.. u know why.. cause i only use them with white/light neutral t-shirts or jackets.. this is why they're still like new white :smile:
  9. I was wondering the same thing about the white...
    I think they may hold up better than I'd thought