white caviar clutch or black patent clutch??

  1. has anyone seen them in stores?
  2. The Boston (Newbury Street) Chanel boutique had the black patent when i was there on Saturday. Call and ask for Michael Sears. He is a real gem.
  3. Saks Fifth Ave Phoenix had both a few days ago... ask for Carol Williams, she is awesome! 602 955 8000
  4. call sam at Saks portland oregon. for white caviar clutch. the price for some reason scanned 930 or 935. tomorrow will go back to 995.
    they close at 8pm.
  5. Black Patent Clutch is currently at NM in Beverly Hills.
    I was just there today.

    Call Janine at 310 550 5900

    Price increase for NM is Nov. 3rd.