white caviar classic flap vs glazed lamskin flap in white

  1. i am looking for a medium flap in white...(i've got a jumbo flap in red with sh/w and a metalic black reissue 227 with gh/w)
    so my choices are white caviar classic flap medium with sh/w or gh/w and glazed lamskin flap in white with new silver chain...
    Ladies...what are ur professional oppinions???
  2. caviar classic white flap is the best choice and u won't be worried abt the leather as lambskin is delicate and u need to take special care for it.
  3. Another vote for white classic flap in caviar.
  4. I vote for the White Caviar Classic Flap for 2 reasons. First, as others have said, it is easier to care for. The second reason is that caviar flaps are and look more structured than lambskin flaps. The combination of a structured look and the crisp white color is so elegant and sharp.
  5. I'm going to have to go with Celia and Lucci on this one and say Classic Caviar Flap. Just because I think that white bags are already pretty high maintenance (but maybe it's just me, because I'm like a stain magnet -probably why almost all my bags are black, LOL)

    Although I've always wanted a White Caviar Jumbo, and was discussing this w/ my SA, who owns it, and told me that its easy to clean and re-dye -if you want to keep it pristine white. Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the glazed lambskin might be harder to do that w/? Also, the Caviar is REALLY durable, and of course... a Classic!

    Either way, both are great (and beautiful) choices! :yes:
  6. I'd say go for the white caviar classic flap :tup:
  7. Another vote for the white caviar classic. I love it w gh.
  8. thank you all ladies!!!
    i think its very obvious that caviar classic flaps got all votes...i will go to boutique next week to try it on...and see if it looks good on me...