White calf leather is back! Reveal :D

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  1. I can't tell how happy I was when I saw the white bucket bag in calf leather is back. I ordered one from bergdorf and waited for one and half month to get this baby. It is gorgeous! Special thanks to BlowingBubbles who shared her experience of this bag :tup:

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  2. gorgeous - love the stark white!
  3. so nice!
  4. Yay! Hope you love it as much as I do :smile:

  5. Thank you!
  6. Omg it is gorgeous, congratulations !!
  7. Wow. The white is stunning!

  8. Thank you! It is indeed a beautiful bag :smile:

  9. Agree!
  10. As others have said...stunning! Enjoy and post mod pics!
  11. i love a crisp white bag for spring/summer!! so gorgeous, please post mod shots when you take this baby out!

    on another note, who else thinks this would also look amazing with SILVER hardware and a silver MG logo in the front?!?!! :loveeyes:
  12. Thanks! I saw some pictures of people wearing it during winter and it is stunning.

    Love the idea of silver hardware. Net-A-Porter had white bucket bag with silver lining it was gorgeous!
  13. Stunning! Can you update us on the wear and tear for this bag in this colour? How is it holding up after a year? Any scratches or coloration? Thanks!
  14. Generally I don't baby my bag but I don't put it anywhere either. Living in NYC taught me not to throw my bag on the ground :smile: I don't use my white bucket bag on a daily basis, but did take it with me on a few trips. I put it under the seat on the plane, and it was fine. I think the most "dangerous" thing is rubbing the bag against dark colored clothes, both t-shirts and jeans.
  15. Thank you sooo much for your reply. I’m still deciding whether to get white or sand colour and now they even offer monogramming services! More reasons to get an MG bucket bag