White cabas is actually greyish??

  1. I just wanted to ask the white cabas has a slight grey undertone to it...its not stark white white correct?
  2. It isn't stark white. It has a slight off white cream/greyish tint to it.
  3. ^DO NOT tell me that...rofl..ugh.....
  4. Yeah. I never wore mine that I had posted on here and just returned it. I wasn't too fond of the color in that big of a bag. I would have loved black or navy though. I would have posted the return for pfers but the SA seemed to have it already promised.
  5. you returned ur white baby cabas? how come? Im considering getting one for myself... but very confused with what color to get...
  6. get navy and if you can find teal woohoo
    anyone knows where the teal is?
  7. :yes: , but its still beautiful