White C Tag - to dye or not to dye?

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  1. I've been holding on to my White C tag for the last ermm.. 10+ years. It's been an unwearable state for the at least the last 6!

    I've toyed with dying it black so many times, I'm I am not crafty at all so would send it away, somewhere like the handbag clinic (no idea if this is any good; just seen it on google).

    I'm so worried I'll pay (and I have no idea how much) to get her dyed and then she will be all stiff and I won't use her anyway. I haven't owned a Bal since the early days (with the exception of a dalliance with a Dark Night Velo which was as dry as sandpaper despite coating it in leather cream) as the newer ones don't float my boat. I have recently been thinking about getting a black City or a town but obviously preloved, and I am researching like crazy about leather years and this has brought me to go and drag my C out the wardrobe and decide whether I should take the plunge.

    What do you think? Dye her?

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  2. The leather will definitely be affected after dyeing. If you gonna send it to a professional, i don't think it will cost cheap. At least $350? You will not know if you like the result. If you like the result, that's good. If you don't, money down the drain. I would rather use that money to get a better condition one
  3. you have nothing to lose, i'd dye it, just do your homework and read feedback and reviews to find to best option and give it a new life!
  4. That's what I am thinking. It just seems such a shame, the leather is so dreamy but she's grim. I got her 5th hand, so she had a few owners before me.
  5. I'm going to do some research and find out how much it will cost, if it's too much then I think I'll give it swerve or have a go myself and then at least I didn't waste the money getting it dyed.
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  6. check the 'care and maintenance' subforum, lots of guidance on DIY dyeing and restoration ;)
    i dyed my Day by myself, and haven't regretted a second!
    but mine was not that drastic, just changed from one shade of red into another
  7. Oh really! I've been so worried how it might end up, but i guess it can't be worse that it is. She's practically yellow at the moment! yuk! I'll have a read, thanks!
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  8. absolutely, nothing to lose, it's already in beaten condition and you won't be enjoying using it in this condition, so, why not to give it a chance? she might serve you for a few more years, even if leather becomes a bit stiff, it will break in again after some time. Good luck! :flowers:
  9. this is how i changed mine, it was pinkish red (i kept the tag untouched) and i made it orange-y warm red, which works better for my skin tone :smile:

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  10. Oh wow!! Good work, she looks lovely!
  11. thank you! :smile:
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  12. @ksuromax if you have posted about your dyeing process can you link to it? Btw, What does "C tag" mean?
  13. Balenciaga did alphabetical order symbols to note the collection/year, C tag stands for SS 2004
    when they completed the circle and letter C was used again, very recently, it was used for AW 2016
    No, i didn't post a thread, just before and after pics :smile:
  14. Sorry, just curious, did you washed the bag? Looks kind of :sad: