White & Brown Leather Hamptons Carryall

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  1. Saw this on the Japan site. Do you like this contrasting colour scheme? I think it looks so classy and modern, but I still prefer the popular Berry version.

  2. ive actually been eyeing this up for some time. i LOVE that color combo, i saw a similar one on a carly in costco the other day and i loved it
  3. I love the way it looks. My friend almost like that, same colors and clip details at the top that she got last month from her mom. I should peak inside to get that style number.

    I would love for them to sell that one here. I don't have any white purses.
  4. I love the contrast!!!
  5. Does anyone have a pick modeling with this style of bag? Could you carry it as a shoulder bag if you have a small frame?
  6. Yes it fits over my shoulder nicely (berry one here)

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  7. I'm still so worried I'd spill something on a gorgeous white bag and ruin it...but love the contrasting colors!
  8. Yes, I'd also be paranoid about my own clumsiness. :P But I think the leather is pretty resilient. Unlike other materials like the satin or signature fabric, I bet the leather wouldn't stain (or absorb liquid) as easily.

    If someone has this bag, I'd love to see more pictures of it since the website often makes purses look slightly different.
  9. I saw this on the Japan site and I love this bag!
  10. I love this bag and the colors, looks so classy. I agree though I would be so scared about any markings , etc getting on it. I must say it is still amazing... :drool::drool: