White Britt tote


May 15, 2007
I know I really shouldn't be spending money right now (there's taxes coming up and I killed my wallet with my cruise dress and shoes) but I saw that the white Gucci Britt tote was on sale! This one in white with the gold web in between the G's: http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/handbags/#162094_ABJ0G_1000

I love this bag so much! I really want an all-leather bag and I absolutely love this one. The double G looks so chic. The leather was so soft. My only concern is the white leather. Is it really hard to keep clean? Does it stain easily? I'm worried that it'll get dirty when someone bumps into me when I'm walking. I've read a few posts in the forum and there have been different opinions on how it wears, about colour transfers etc... Also the huge double G, is it too flashy and in-your-face for the office? Anyone who has this bag, how do you like it? TIA!

Who knows if I'll buy it, I'm going to Central for dinner tomorrow night in a hotel right beside the Gucci flagship, so I'll check it out. At least this month I have twice my usual salary!


So, pretty...
Jul 9, 2007
The larger tote is 60% off, around $689 U.S. My SA is trying to locate one for me, because mine has a small spot on it (a defect). It was a final sale, but at least they are trying to make sure I am a happy customer. She said there are several large totes at the Gucci store in Las Vegas. I think the bag looks great, because it's cream/ivory, not stark white. The stark white is on sale also, but it does not have the web and the price is a little higher. There is always a concern about color transfer, so I would not recommend wearing it with dark denim or dark clothes in general. I've had several ivory leather bags and I've not had many problems with them. Also, the SA at the Gucci boutique said that they do provide a cleaning service.