White Brief or Aqua City??

  1. Ladies,

    I love white bags! And I love the brief in white but I am so loving all these aqua bags too. Can only get one!:sad:

    So, what do you guys think?
    White brief or Aqua City??

  2. I say Aqua City! I have one...here it is.


  3. AQUA
  4. My vote goes to Aqua!
  5. Aqua!
  6. Aqua...but for brief...i prefer it to be GH
  7. Aqua!
    BalNY still has Aqua Cities in stock (as of this afternoon!)
    I couldn't have gotten the last one!
  8. aqua city definitely.
  9. No doubt ... AQUA. I wish that I could buy AQUA city next month but just got my Antracity.
  10. Absolutely Aqua. White comes out every season.
  11. Ooo, Aqua for sure!
  12. Aqua! I like white too but I would never trust myself with a white bag.
  13. I think I'm going to be the only one so far, but white brief! (the one I'm thinking is the white brief with GH) I've seen this IRL and it's sooooo lovely!
  14. get the aqua now before it gets harder and harder to find. then maybe down the future, you can get a white brief. good luck!