White Bottega Ball

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have just recently purchase a BV "White" ball bag, but is now struggling on whether to keep it or not ?
    I love the "White" color, but it seemed to get dirty really easy ? ..I am not sure what to do, whether to keep it or not ?
    some advice please ? :crybaby:

  2. I'm sure you must have contemplated the fact that it would be hard to keep clean before you purchased it- anyone buying a white bag thinks of that so I wonder if it is something else about it that you don't like. If for whatever reason you aren't sure I would return it- it's a major purchase to not love every aspect of it.:p
  3. white bags get dirty, period. this is particularly problematic with soft leathers like lamb. also, due to the weaving, white bv bags are very very difficult to clean (every edge of each piece of leather will get dirty). and i have heard that because of the ball bag's shape and piping, corner wear is a problem. i have a white campana that i use very gently but it still got filthy. so i would not recommend this bag for everyday use, unless you are prepared for it to become dirty (or to buy a backup).
  4. White bags look wonderful to me, but I know I could never keep them nice-looking, so I don't buy any. Can you use it just occasionally?
  5. I should have added: if the bag has been used and shows wear and/or soiling, it really shouldn't be returned to the store. If it's not defective in some way and I've used a bag, I won't ask the store to take it back.

    I'm sure it's a great-looking bag; try using it less often and in situations where you can be extra-careful with it.
  6. I agree that if you have used it you shouldn't return it. Perhaps you can put some leather protectant on it or use it more sparingly. I am sure it is a beautiful bag.
  7. Thanks for everyone's advices. No, I haven't use the bag yet, still have the protection strap on it . I think I will go ahead and return the bag. Thank you so much! ;)
  8. In that case, kissesmint, I hope you find a bag that you totally love and can use without worrying about it too much!! Let us know what you decide and if you buy another BV, please post pics!! We love to drool over everyone's bags.